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How to Fish

There are many factors that can affect the performance of your lures.

Click on the spreads below to view diagrams and advice on how to get the best result when using lures to troll for different species.

3 vital keys to enhancing the performance of your lure

Key 1: Speed
Higher speed equals bigger bubble trail and surface action.
Lower speed, less bubble trail and surface action.

Key 2: Distance of lure from boat

The distance between the boat and the lure will affect the lures’ action and bubble trail significantly.
Closer to the boat gives the lure a more pronounced action whilst trolling further from the boat will create a smaller bubble trail.

Key 3: Outriggers
Outriggers enable one to get the same aggressive action out of lures further back from the boat by elevating the pulling point of the lure.
Outriggers also enable us to troll a wider spread, thus increasing the amount of lures we can troll. The use of outriggers also improves manoeuvrability of the boat as it allows for tighter turns and therefore reduces the possibility of line tangles.

  Blue Marlin Spread
  Broadbill Spread
  General Billfish Spread
  Sailfish Spread
  Striped Marlin Spread
  Tuna Spread
  Wahoo Spread