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Welcome to Pulsator Lures

Pulsator Lures produces a full range of offshore fishing lures. Our range includes baitswimmers, spoons, jetheads, jigs and feathers as well as teaser birds and large lures for marlin.


Our products will satisfy the needs of all offshore anglers, from the light-tackle brigade to the most competitive marlin angler.

Pulsator Lures also offer a range of accessories for the serious offshore angler. This range includes seat harnesses, lure bags as well as hook and flag sets.

Our range of offshore trolling lures are world renowned for the quality of skirts, magnificent colour range, and clarity of lure heads.


We pride ourselves on our ability to constantly innovate and develop lures that are not only pleasing to the eye, but actually work and catch fish!


Our brand new range of Softie Lures have taken the market by storm, and ismost popular among offshore anglers.

All our lures and accessories are manufactured to the highest quality standards, and anglers can be assured of an exact swimming action each and every time a Pulsator Lure is put in the water.








  • Blue marlin weighing in at 950lb, caught off Madeira on a Pulsator Dominator.
  • Blue marlin weighing in at 800lb, caught off Accension Island on a Pulsator Tube.
  • Blue Marlin weighing in at 906lb, caught off Cape Verde on a Pulsator Tuna Teaser.
  • Black Marlin weighing in at 873lb, caught on Pulsator Marlin Magnet
  • Blue Marlin weighing in at 810lb, caugh on Pulsator Marlin Magnet
  • Blue marlin weighing in at 800lb aboard Jasper, caught on Pulsator Boaster
  • Blue marlin weighing in at 800lb caught off Ascension Island on a Pulsator Tube.
  • Estimated 750lb blue marlin released on a Pulsator Ocean Explorer off Cape Verde.



  • Richards Bay - Pulsator Boaster - 812lb Blue Marlin.
  • Bazaruto - Bonito Smoker - 1098lb Black Marlin
  • Bazaruto - Tuna Teazer - 935lb Black Marlin
  • Madeira - Marlin Magnet - 950lb Blue Marlin.
  • Cape Vidal - Big Blue Instigator - 740lb Blue Marlin
  • Kenya - Big Blue Instigator - 715lb Blue Marlin